Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Curves VS lumps

Lets get down to business.

Like most people, I wanna lose some LBs.
Like most people, I've had numerous "last Oreo evers"; "Starting tomorrow I'm eating healthy" has come and past many times; spent most of my summers on the beach wearing a tshirt cuz "I'm gonna fit in that bikini" just didn't happen...

Diets are hard. I've tried a lot.

I'm not saying I'm fat. Not saying I wanna lose 100lbs. But who can't honestly say they can't stand to lose a little extra baggage?
Family says I'm "curvy". I say I'm lumpy.

I'm gonna lose 25lbs and your gonna help. Tell me your best (and worse) diets. Send me your tips, send me encouragement..or send nothing!

All and all I hope this helpful, amusing, and maybe a little encouraging!
Come on, join me! TOMORROW IM GONNA START EATING HEALTHY (hopefully..)!

Love & lumps,

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